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I'm Karen Harmon, and I’m so grateful you’re here! I provide encouragement and strategies for the multi-passionate woman who feels like she is doing all the things, but also not enough things, all at the same time. Here you will find hope and empowerment as you passionately pursue Jesus and your God-given dreams and callings through all your many roles. As a wife, homeschool mom, physical therapist, business owner, speaker, writer, and church leader, I know the joys and struggles of navigating the worlds of motherhood, ministry, career, and dreams.

I know many of us are longing for community and a place where we feel someone else is walking out a similar journey. I hope you find that here; that you feel inspired and encouraged to live and lead fully and intentionally in all your many roles. Let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook, and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter. (Don’t want you to miss out on anything new.)

So, please, grab your favorite cozy drink and stay awhile!

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